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    What are the characteristics of the drainage pump and what are the selection requirements? [29/11/2019]

      The sewage pump, as its name implies, is a pump that delivers sewage, often referred to as a sewage lift pump. There are generally submerged sewage pumps installed under the submersible (submersible), non-blocking sewage pumps, etc., as well as …

    What to do before starting a large diesel pump [29/11/2019]

    1. Check whether the import and export method of large diesel water pump is intact, whether there is any operation blockage, and there is no leakage of large diesel water pump and accessory pipeline. 2. Large diesel water pump should …

    Pump quick-wear parts and maintenance [29/11/2019]

    1. The pump casing is generally cast iron, which is prone to cracks due to mechanical or thermal stress. When the pump is subjected to the impact of cavitation during work or is frozen when the water in the pump …

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