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    EMAC has built a good cooperation with Fast Group, which is the well-known as large-scale specialized transmission manufacturing and exporting enterprise. With torque ranges from 400Nm to 3000Nm, a full coverage of forward speeds including 4 to 10 and 12, 16, 20, 24 speed, applied to various trucks, large buses, construction vehicles, special vehicles and low-speed cargos with a load between 3 tons to 60 tons,Fast possesses more than 169 patents, fast has now more than 7 million transmissions in the market, output and sales of transmissions of fast have ranked first in the world for 13 consecutive years, applied on over thousands of vehicle models by more than 150 OEs at home and aboard, transsmissions are exported to overseas market in large batches.

    We EMAC are aimed at developing the overseas markets of Fast Transmission and makinng productive cooperation with Fast Group to provide the customers who have needs in automotive field with satisfactory services all over the world.

    Here are our products list of all fast products in different applications including transmission, clutch, gear reducer and hydraulic retarder. Welcome to contact our sales team for more information about FAST Transmissions manufactured in China.


    Cummins is the world’s leading manufacturer of power equipment. The pump engine produced by Cummins has excellent performance, high efficiency and low consumption, and is the most suitable cleaning power solution for customers in the fields of fire pump, drainage pump and irrigation pump. Cummins’ main factories in China: Dongfeng Cummins (DCEC) – In 1986, the Second Automobile Group (later renamed Dongfeng Group) signed a contract with Cummins to start the production of the B series of medium horsepower diesel engines. In 1996, these two groups established a joint venture company, Dongfeng Cummins(DCEC), to produce C series, 8.3 liters diesel engines. At present, DCEC mainly produces medium horsepower diesel engines, ranges from 80 to 680 hp. The DCEC engines include B, C, D, L, Z series, and the displacement is 3.9/4.5/5.9/6.7/8.3/8.9/9.5/13 liters. Chongqing Cummins (CCEC) – In 1981, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group signed a technology introduction agreement with Cummins, to manufactured Cummins 10 to 50 liters of high-power diesel engines. In 1995, the cooperation was deepened and a joint venture company, CCEC, was established. Currently, CCEC mainly produces high-powered diesel engines, composed of M/N/K series, and the power coverage ranges from 145 to 1343 kW, with an annual production capacity of 15,000 units.


    The air-cooled diesel engine produced by Deutz is very famous. The cooperation between Deutz and Chinese companies: Hebei Huabei Diesel Engine Factory (License) – Huachai is a subsidiary of China Ordnance Industry Group. In 1979, Huachai introduced the production license of the 413 series air-cooled diesel engine from Deutz. In 1988, it introduced 513 series air-cooled diesel engine technology, equipped with a variety of military vehicles, and participated in the 50th National Day military parade in China. In 2002, Huachai exclusively introduced the production license of Deutz 1015 series and 2015 series water-cooled diesel engines. In 2015, Huachai and Deutz signed the TCD12.0/16.0 technology license agreement and introduced high-pressure common rail technology to make 132 series diesel engines reach the international advanced level. At present, Huachai mainly produces FL413, FL513, BFM1015, TCD2015, TCD12.0/16.0 series engines. Beijing Internal Combustion Engine Co. Ltd. (License) – Beinei, formerly known as Beijing Internal Combustion Engine Factory, began mass production of model 492 gasoline engine in 1965. In 1982, Deutz Technology was introduced to produce 912 air-cooled diesel engine. In 2005, it mainly produced 912/913 series engine. The current product range covers 2/3/4/6 cylinders. FAW Dalian Diesel Engine (License) – FAWDDE is one of the earliest manufacturers in China to develop and produce diesel engines. In the 1970s, the 100 series diesel engines produced by them were exported to 25 countries and regions such as the United States, Thailand and Singapore. In 2004, the sales volume of diesel engines exceeded 100,000 units. In 2007, it established a joint venture with Deutz to produce CA4/6DK, CA4/6DH and CA4DD series of engines. In 2018, FAWDDE repurchased the shares held by Deutz and changed to a wholly-owned subsidiary of FAW, but was still allowed to produce engines with Deutz technology. At present, the engines produced by FAWDDE are divided into five series of 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 liters according to the displacement, and the power covers 50-320 hp.


    Perkins is one of the world’s leading engine manufacturers and has 87-year history since its founding in 1932 in UK. Perkins’ factory in China: Wuxi Perkins produces 400, 1000 series engines.


    Isuzu is a world-renowned manufacturer of automobiles and engines with a history of 100 years. Its engine products are light weight, small size, low price and durable. It has a very high recognition and market share in Southeast Asia. Isuzu’s factory in China: Chongqing Isuzu Engine Co., Ltd. – a joint venture established by China Qingling and Isuzu in 2007 to produce 4J series non-road engines with power coverage of 75Hp~380Hp, and high quality engines assembly and core engines with parts for high value-added modified vehicles and construction machinery. Jiangxi Isuzu Engine Co., Ltd. – Established by Jiangling Motors Group and Japan Isuzu in 2013, it produces VM series, 493 series and 4J series engines imported from Japan Isuzu. The product has a wide range of applications and is an ideal supporting power for medium and high-end SUVs, pickups, light trucks, light bus, MPVs and off-road vehicles.


    Yuchai was founded in 1951 and is one of the largest independent diesel engine manufacturers and one of the most complete production bases for internal combustion engines in China. Yuchai’s subsidiaries and joint ventures: Yuchai Machinery – a core subsidiary of Yuchai Group, with an annual production capacity of 600,000 engines, producing YC6J series engineering engines and YC6A series agricultural machinery engines. Yuchai Anteyou – a joint venture between Yuchai Machinery and MTU (Friedrichshafen) in 2017. MTU is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rolls-Royce, the world’s most famous non-road high-power engine manufacturer. The joint venture mainly produces MTU S4000 series engines.

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