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    Cummins is the world’s leading manufacturer of power equipment. The pump engine produced by Cummins has excellent performance, high efficiency and low consumption, and is the most suitable cleaning power solution for customers in the fields of fire pump, drainage pump and irrigation pump.

    Cummins’ main factories in China:

    Dongfeng Cummins (DCEC) – In 1986, the Second Automobile Group (later renamed Dongfeng Group) signed a contract with Cummins to start the production of the B series of medium horsepower diesel engines. In 1996, these two groups established a joint venture company, Dongfeng Cummins(DCEC), to produce C series, 8.3 liters diesel engines. At present, DCEC mainly produces medium horsepower diesel engines, ranges from 80 to 680 hp. The DCEC engines include B, C, D, L, Z series, and the displacement is 3.9/4.5/5.9/6.7/8.3/8.9/9.5/13 liters.

    Chongqing Cummins (CCEC) – In 1981, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group signed a technology introduction agreement with Cummins, to manufactured Cummins 10 to 50 liters of high-power diesel engines. In 1995, the cooperation was deepened and a joint venture company, CCEC, was established. Currently, CCEC mainly produces high-powered diesel engines, composed of M/N/K series, and the power coverage ranges from 145 to 1343 kW, with an annual production capacity of 15,000 units.

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