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    Isuzu is a world-renowned manufacturer of automobiles and engines with a history of 100 years. Its engine products are light weight, small size, low price and durable. It has a very high recognition and market share in Southeast Asia.
    Isuzu’s factory in China:
    Chongqing Isuzu Engine Co., Ltd. – a joint venture established by China Qingling and Isuzu in 2007 to produce 4J series non-road engines with power coverage of 75Hp~380Hp, and high quality engines assembly and core engines with parts for high value-added modified vehicles and construction machinery.
    Jiangxi Isuzu Engine Co., Ltd. – Established by Jiangling Motors Group and Japan Isuzu in 2013, it produces VM series, 493 series and 4J series engines imported from Japan Isuzu. The product has a wide range of applications and is an ideal supporting power for medium and high-end SUVs, pickups, light trucks, light bus, MPVs and off-road vehicles.

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