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  • Deutz BF8M1015CP (440KW @ 2100rpm)

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    Engine Series: BF8M1015CP
    Engine Type: 8 Cylinders in Line
    Displacement: 15.87 L
    Rated Speed: 2100rpm
    Rated Power: 440 kW(598 HP)
    Aspiration Method: Turbocharged & Watercooled
    Emission Standard: Euro ?
    Flywheel Housing & Size: SAE1, 14?
    Fuel System: Reciprocating pump + Centrifugal governor RQ / RQV / RQV-K
    resp. electronic governor
    Delivery Time: 7-15 working days
    Payment Terms: T/T
       Deutz BF8M1015CP Diesel Pump Engine

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    General Information of Deutz BF8M1015CP Diesel Pump Engine
    Engine Series BF8M1015CP
    Engine Type 8 Cylinders,In V form at angle of 90°
    Displacement 15.87 L
    Bore*Stroke(mm) 132 * 145
    Net Weight(with flywheel&alternator) 1060 Kg
    Overall Dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 1300 x 1100 x 1200
    Technical Specification of Deutz BF8M1015CP Diesel Pump Engine
    Certification Euro ?
    Aspiration Turbocharged
    Fuel System Reciprocating Pump + Electronical Governor
    Starting Method Electric/Mechanical
    Eletrical System(Starter Motor/Alternator) 12V
    Governor Type Electronic
    Cooling Method Water Cooled
    Performance Data of Deutz BF8M1015CP Diesel Pump Engine
    Rated Power 598 HP
    Rated Speed 2100 rpm
    Idel Speed 600 r/min
    Number of flywheel teeth 167
    Flywheel Housing & Size:  SAE1, 14?

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    User Guidelines

    1. The operating should not out range of the approved number of people and cargo weight.

    2. You should take new engine checking and mileage compulsory maintenance when beyond the running travelled distance.

    3. You should be clearly that you can’t modify the structure of the engine.

    4. if you need to change the spare parts, make sure that you use original spare parts. After-market parts might damage your engine.

    5. The quality of lubricating oil using on mechanical B series engine should not lower than API CF-4/SG standard, the viscosity is 15W-40 or when using in the arctic climate 10W-30 and 5W-20. The quality of lubricating oil using on electronic B & C series engine should not than API CH-4/SJ Performance range, the viscosity is 15W-40 or when using in the arctic climate 10W-30 and 5W-20.

    6. Your engine must use antifreeze anti-rustcasaed solution, and should change the liquid timely. DCEC recommend to use composite coolant or 50/50 high quality water mix with composite anti freeze.

    a. The high quality water should meet all technical requests: concentration of chloride is lower than 40ppm, concentration of sulfate is lower than 100ppm, calcium/magnesium is lower than 170ppm; the prior choice is ionized water, distilled water or softened water.

    b. Glycol working range between 40-60% is acceptable.

    c. The concentration of SCA is in the range of 0.3-0.8.

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    Operation Manual
    Order Information
    Parts Catalog

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    We can also supply genuine brand new spare parts for this model. For more info click here: Deutz Engine spare parts.

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